Chuck Mauk has spent his life playing drums. He’s recorded in studios from New York to Los Angeles. He’s performed in clubs, theaters and arenas all over the United States and Europe. Chuck’s drumming also can be heard on TV (Sons of Anarchy, Empire, Law and Order, American Idol, etc.), along with many different television and internet advertisements and commercials. Chuck’s playing can also be heard on various big screen movies and television documentaries.

Summer 2019 

This summer I will be playing shows with HuDost who will be supporting a new release, "Of Water + Mercy", which will be out in April. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I played drums on this new collection of songs in my studio and sent the tracks to Nashville for mixdown.  Technology is really cool!


For the first time in a long list of summers, I chose to not go on the road in 2018. I decided to stay home and work in the studio and teach drum lessons again. Regarding live work, I have been working with Cleveland based Blue Water Kings.  November 18th begins the Siberian Solstice band's season.  The dates are posted here. If you are in the Toledo area, you can catch us at the Stranahan Theater on Heatherdowns, December 23rd. If you are interested in studio time or drum lessons, feel free to email me here or at chuckmauk@gmail.com


Summer 2018 

May 2018:  I have decided not to go on the road this summer. I am going to spend the summer working in the studio and playing locally. I am also accepting new drum students.  If you are interested in drum lessons, feel free to contact me here or at Chuckmauk@gmail.com

Recording Samples 

If you are interested or in need of professional drum tracks for you recording, I can help.  You can hear samples of my work at 






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