Working with Chuck is a true gift; he listens with open ears and no ego and is then able to put what is heard into action....knocking the socks off the drums with strength, refinement, and wild, magical power!”

— Moksha Sommer (lead singer of HuDost)

The Word on Chuck

Chuck Mauk has spent his life playing drums. He’s recorded in studios from New York to Los Angeles. He’s performed in clubs, theaters and arenas all over the United States, Canada and Europe. Chuck's drumming can be heard on hundreds of recordings  for Singer/Songwriters to bands and everything in between. Chuck’s drumming also can be heard on The Big Screen, Television, Radio and Internet Commercials. In the Spring of 2019, Chuck's drumming was featured on a recording that hit number 24 on the Billboard Charts.

Chuck is the owner of Happy Hands Recording Studio where he is either drumming, engineering, mixing or producing projects. Chuck has sat behind countless singers and guitar players, but has been in charge of every measure performed and recorded. His career illustrates an important point about popular music: whether it is big fat hard rock, slim Americana,  Country; big measures matter. Musicians who understand that call on Chuck.
Chuck is endorsed by Sabian cymbals, Stone Custom Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks, The Kelly Shu, and Roland.