Summer 2017

Tomorrow, we are heading north for The Montreal Folk Fest with HuDost.  June 30th and July 1st will be in Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada for the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. We will be doing 3 HuDost shows. I will also…


HuDost Summer Tour 2017

The HuDost Summer Tour will bring us to the Montreal Folk Festival June 16 and 18th and to the Stan Rogers Folk Fest in Canso, Nova Scotia June 30th and July 1st!


Studio Interface Upgrade

Studio Upgrade:  I have added the Apollo 8P to the Happy Hands Recording Studio. I am very excited about the possibilities!

Blissfest with HuDost

This summer, I played at Blissfest with HuDost. The backline kit for the second show had two floor toms.  I haven't played two floor toms in a few years, but it only took one song to get back to my…